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Drive Shaft Assembly

Heard a noise the other day so I got underneath and discovered that my center support bearing was about 90% seperated from it's mount.  I had recently purchased the bearing assembly and the donut so was nearly ready, just had to get a couple of u-joints.  The ones I got were PDQ brand and had the zirk fittings in the caps, so no expected clearance issues.

 Bumper comparison
Here are the parts as they came out. On the left is the seperated center bearing assembly.  The bearing itself was fine but the rubber was shot.  Also note the universal joint with the screw that was in the zirk fitting hole

I was able to do this in the garage, with out a press.  I was able to use a large vise and/or hammer and large punch to seperate the u-joints.  I used a puller and impact wrench to pull the yoke and bearing off the front shaft.
Here is the back end of the front shaft.
Front shaft

Getting ready for reassembly.

Note in the inset above, the zirc fitting is screwed into the cap instead of the body as what was there originally.

More pics of the shaft assembley before putting back in the spider.
Bearing assembly On the left, the new center bearing, note the cap mounted zirc fitting in u-joint.

To the right, the shaft assembly, ready to go.  In the upper right, you see my fancy parts washer, cleverly disguised as a tomato sauce can.
shaft assembly

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