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Heater Valve Replacement

Since I had to replace my fan switch I figured it was a good time to replace the heater valve too. Let me just say that if you think this is a tough job, try it with an air-conditioner in there!! You can pull it down but you cannot remove it.

I got one of those ones with ceramic innards. It came with two rubber gaskets. The thing is, once I found one gasket between it and the core but something different between it and the tube coming from the engine compartment. In that joint, there was only a smaller, circular tapered gasket that fits exactly into the tapered recess in the valve's flange. It was suggested to me that it was all that was left of the original gasket and I suppose that is possible since I could find nothing else like it.

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Here is the new valve with the cleaned up pipe attached. I used stainless fasteners and locktite for all re-assembly.

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As I prepared to install the assembly I found that there is a size/shape difference between old and new.

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I'm not sure if this effect Fiats but it did the Pininfarina. There is a "tab" which is part of the heater core housing that needs to have a notch cut out of it in order for this valve to fit. Next photos are of the peice before the cut and then after.

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Here is a view of the completed replacement. Hope I don't have to do that again though I may have to revisit the cable as I'm afraid that the sleeve is expanding and not allowing the cable itself to push the arm through it's full range.

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