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Seat Replacement

As you can see the originals that came with the car were shot. The covers and foam were tattered and even the frames were rusted out and bent.

The cheapest solution at least for now, was to to find the smallest seat in the local Pick-N-Pull. Most are way too big or too tall. But I found a pair from a 98 Pontiac Grand for $15 each. The backs seem to be about 4" taller and bottom about 1 - 1.5" wider. They are a very tight squeeze but they do fit. Someday when I have a few extra $$$ laying around I'll redo my originals but until then, this is a cheap (and pretty comfortable) solution.

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Using stock from Lowes, 1-1/2" x 3' mild steel, 3/16" thick, $9.xx per side, I made adapter plates that allow the use of the Fiats tracks with the Grand Am seats. Not much clearance so need to grind about 1/16th off the top of the locking cam as it hits the 3/16" inch adaptor. Adding a washer or two between the Fiat rail and the plate helps. Also needed to grind a slot in the seat bolt that mounts in front of the adjustment handle to eliminate interence from the notched part of the rail.

If I did this again I wold have put a bit of an offset on each seat towards the center as the adjuster apparatus is VERY close to inside walls of the rockers.

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