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So here is the 83 Pinin I've been working on for a couple of years now. It's much slower going when one insists on being able to drive it while restoring it at the same time.
Have done/replaced Parts acquired Parts needed
Rebuilt driveline assembly Pinin hardtop Exhaust header???
New heater valve (whew!) 2nd engine  
New AFM & hose New clutch assbly & bearing  
Rebuilt bumper ends 40/80 cam & new seals  
Seats replaced w 98 Pontiac Grand-AM Walnut veneer for interior refurb  
Rebuilt bad rust at trunk lip and back cowl No-Rust doors  
Wiper motor Good big-bump hood  
Brake hoses    
Rear bumper grommets    
Accident/Paint Job    


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Quick and dirty so I can show what I've been doing with my Pinin.

One day if there's some time I'll try to do a little better!